Relocation Information

  • Transitioning to Mound Elementary

    Transitioning to a new school environment can be challenging. At Mound, we will support you and your child by helping your students ease into their new routines. The Academy of Leadership and Technology at Mound Elementary is a public school in Burleson, Texas. Our campus serves around 450 students, and approximately 168 are military-connected. The closest military base is located in Fort Worth, and it is named Naval Air Station Joint Reserve (formerly Carswell Air Force Base), approximately 22 miles from the school. Mound Elementary is a leadership campus where we learn about leadership and communication skills. As a Leader in Me school, we believe all students are leaders. 

    Mound Elementary pairs your students with a student ambassador. These student ambassadors will spend time with your students during lunch the first week and will guide your students around campus. Our school colors are black and yellow. Our mascot is named Mel, and he is a Mustang. Unless there is a special dress-up day, we wear some of our favorite college or military shirts on Thursdays, and on Fridays, we wear our spirit shirts. We have campus-wide activities, including Habit Huddles. At these events, we celebrate our student leaders. For our military-connected students and families, we have special activities on campus. A weekly newsletter is provided by our principal to families via email to let you know of events and happenings on campus. 


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    Counseling Resources

    On the Campus

    Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators trained in school counseling with unique qualifications to address all students’ academic, personal/social, and career development needs.  School counselors implement school counseling programs that promote and enhance student achievement. They provide direct services to students to help them manage academic and social needs and to support the efforts of teachers and parents in promoting self-confidence, academic readiness, social and interpersonal sensitivity and skills, and awareness of academic and future career opportunities. 
    Counselors are student advocates.  They can help to:
    •    resolve scheduling conflicts or problems
    •    review transcript information
    •    make the correct subject choices
    •    assist in creating stronger teacher-student relationships
    •    listen to your personal concerns or problems
    •    provide college information
    •    guide students to available college scholarships and financial aid
    •    provide career choice opportunities
    •    give information about community resources to address concerns
    Students and their parents are encouraged to talk with their school counselor about school-related issues, academic concerns, course offerings, school programs, testing requirements, graduation requirements, graduation plans, and the guidance curriculum. 

    Mrs. Bush is the school counselor. You can contact her at or 817.245.3100.


    At the military base and off the military base, counseling services include:

    The Naval Air Station offers counseling for military families.

    Please click this link for more information.


    Family Wellness offers free Military and Veteran support programs.

    Workforce support

    Parenting Classes

    Family and Individual Counseling

    Financial Counseling

    Military Family Counseling Brochure



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  • The Mound Elementary nurse is Ms. Taylor Martin. If you have any medication or doctor orders, please call her at 817.245.3108.

  • Attendance matter school opens at 7:15 am and dismissal is at 3:10 pm

    Attendance Information:

    When your student is going to be absent, please call Ms. Knadle in the front office. You can email her the doctor's note, or the next day, have your student take the note to the front office.

    Mound Attendance Contact: Ms. Knadle, the PEIMS clerk: 817.245.1000|