• Absence and Dismissal

    Please call the Attendance Office (817) 245-0034 to report absences or to have your child dismissed. 

    When you call to have your child dismissed (two hours prior to departure), your child must sign out at the ATTENDANCE OFFICE.  Then, your child must sign in at the Attendance Office when they return. If you personally come to BHS, the front office will handle the dismissal at the exterior door and you will need to show proper ID. All students who arrive late or are returning from an appointment must sign in at the ATTENDANCE OFFICE.

    Also, if the student’s parent authorizes the student to leave campus unaccompanied, a note provided by the parent must be submitted to the main office no later than two hours prior to the student’s need to leave campus. If a student is not driving themselves, you must come into the front office to sign them out. Only students driving themselves can be dismissed by phone or email with the two hours notice.   A phone call from the parent may be accepted, but the school may ultimately require a note for documentation purposes. The student must sign out through the attendance office and sign in upon his or her return if the student returns the same day.

    Thank you for your support in making sure we have a secure system for attendance and dismissals.