Student Transfers



    Who can apply for a transfer?

    Interdistrict Transfers (from one district to another)

    • Nonresident -Interdistrict students
    • A resident student who becomes a nonresident during the course of the school year 
      • Any K-8 student may request to remain in BISD until the end of the current school year.  
      • Any 9-12 student may request to remain in BISD until graduation from high school.

    • A Student of a Nonresident Employee


    Intradistrict Transfers (BISD residents)

    • Resident Intradistrict student (lives within district) 
    • For a student whose resident parent or resident guardian is zoned for one campus in BISD but is requesting to attend a different school.
    • A student of a BISD Resident Employee 


    Important Information for All Transfers

    • Transportation is not provided for transfer students.

    • Annual Renewal - All transfer students must submit a new application and be re-approved each spring during the transfer window.

    • UIL Eligibility- Any student who transfers to a school outside the student’s attendance area of residence will be subject to all eligibility rules of UIL and such eligibility rules as may be adopted by the Board of Education.  (Please refer to the UIL rules of eligibility here)

    CAUTION: A transfer could cause your student to be ineligible for UIL varsity competition.  If you have any questions, please contact the Chief of Interscholastic Activities.

    • Revocation of Transfer- A transfer student who: 

      • Fails to abide by the rules and policies as contained in the BISD Student-Parent Handbook, 

      • Exhibits poor academic performance, 

      • Has repeated incidences of tardies, 

      • Or exhibits poor attendance may have his or her transfer revoked by the campus principal or the Support Services Department. 

      • DAEP placement