Facilities Use

Phone: 817-245-1146


Degrees and Certifications:

Alissa Mains - Facility Management Secretary

Alissa Mains has been managing the District's Facilities Use since 2015. For questions regarding the District's procedures, please reach out to Alissa. You will need to provide her with details of the event such as the date, time, location, custodial cleanup, and setup needs. After you provide her with the details, she will send you instructions on how to make your online reservations.

Please note the following: 

Your organization will need to provide BISD with a Certificate of Liability Insurance of no less than $1,000,000 coverage. Please use Burleson ISD as the additional certificate holder.  Our address is:

1160 SW Wilshire 

Burleson, TX. 76028

  • If you are a district employee and you are interested in becoming a monitor, please download the Monitor Agreement Form and return it to Alissa Mains. 

     Monitor Agreement Form 


    1.        Monitors are present for a purpose: to ensure that the District's facilities are treated with care and respect by guest users.

    2.        Arrive 15 minutes early, before the start of practice/games.

    3.        Leave 15 minutes after reservation end time, to ensure all trash is picked up and restrooms are checked (toilets are flushed, pick up trash and empty all trash cans).

    4.        If the monitor is unable to work, due to illness or schedule conflict, it is the monitor’s responsibility to find an approved backup monitor (someone who has monitored before at the scheduled location). Contact Alissa Mains by EMAIL ONLY of any schedule changes/schedule conflicts.

    5.        *** The appropriate time to contact Alissa Mains by her cell phone is during business hours (7:00 AM-4:00 PM), not after hours (no texts, no phone calls to Alissa’s cell phone after hours). If you need assistance after hours, please contact Regi Brackin (contact information below). ***

    6.        Be in attendance at all times during facility use. Station yourself inside the reserved areas at all times. The monitor should be alternating between gyms and hallways.

    7.        *** Monitor is required to remain at an assigned location for the duration of the reserved time, even if the guest user is a no show ***

    8.        While on duty, be alert and aware at all times – Monitors may use their phones, as long as they are actively monitoring (ex. – eyes on guest user activity while on the phone – DO NOT keep your eyes off guest user activity for an extended period of time).

    9.        If in the event a guest user brings music, it is at the Monitor’s discretion to allow the music – as long as it is within an acceptable volume and appropriate content.

    10.     Monitor is prohibited from bringing anyone with them while on duty (ex. – husband, children, and friends). Monitoring should be approached like any other job.

    11.     Monitor the halls outside of the gyms and the restrooms every 15 minutes and between practice/games.

    *** Restricted area of use: HALLS ***

    12.     Limit travel to the restrooms in the building.

    13.     Pick up trash between EACH practice/game. If it is the weekend, take all trash to the dumpster when your duty is complete.

    14.     If needed, mop/ wipe up any spills that may occur.

    15.     Playing in the halls or other parts of the building is prohibited (NO BOUNCING BALLS IN HALLWAYS).

    16.     Check to make sure all outside doors are locked when you leave, doors that are leading to the gym or area used.


    We appreciate your willingness to serve as a monitor for Burleson I.S.D. It is a great responsibility to represent our district and our goal should always be to serve our community with respect while using our facilities.