Maintenance Department

  • Who we are:

    The Maintenance Department maintains 18 campuses; an Administration building, the Transportation complex, the BISD Stadium, and the Ag facility. 

    The following is just a sample of what we do.

    • Our Ground's Crew mows, weed-eats, and trims approximately 612.841 acres. 
    • Our Delivery man delivers 1,760 cases of paper to the campuses. 
    • Our Electricians maintain 320 light poles and approximately 22,761 light fixtures.
    • Our HVAC and PM Technicians maintain 1,445 HVAC Units and 15 commercial kitchens. 
    • Our Locksmith maintains over 2,500 locks and keeps the key inventory of all staff.
    • Our Painters use over 1,895 gallons of paint each year.
    • Our Plumbers maintain 920 Restrooms - that’s 1079 toilets and 320 urinals.

    The goal of the Maintenance department is to assign, assess, and respond to work orders in an efficient and prompt manner. Therefore, the timeliness of entering work requests is critical in achieving the desired output. We strive to practice this principle in handling all preventive maintenance, scheduled, and emergency-based work orders.

    • Preventive Maintenance - work orders that recur monthly, quarterly or yearly (inspections, routine cleaning, etc.)
    • Scheduled - work orders that are entered and assigned in advance of the completion date or event.
    • Emergency - work orders that are specific to an emergency situation (natural disaster, power outage, etc.)