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Coming to BISD: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Tech University through its TechTeach Teacher-Preparation Program

Partnership enables BISD to train students to become highly qualified teachers, educating the next generation

January 25, 2022 - The Burleson Independent School District (BISD) announces a unique partnership with Texas Tech University to offer a Bachelor of Science in Education degree through its TechTeach Teacher-Preparation Program, beginning Fall 2022 at Texas Tech University at Hill College in Burleson. 

The TechTeach program enables undergraduate students to complete a two-year, BISD-based internship as they pursue a bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech. Beginning immediately in their junior year, teaching candidates gain real-world experience with BISD with a dedicated mentor on-site. This junior and senior-year internship experience allows candidates to learn the "BISD way" while cultivating relationships with educators as they prepare for careers in the district upon graduation.

“There is nothing quite like being able to develop and hire our own students to educate the next generation,” said BISD Superintendent Dr. Bret Jimerson. “The goal is to provide students with a quality education from Texas Tech University here in Burleson, while creating an outstanding pool of candidates for BISD.” 

The 2021 Texas Teacher Workforce Report recently reported a devastatingly-low retention rate among first-year teachers. The TechTeach Program works to eliminate the overwhelming feelings new teachers describe by introducing the internship experience within the first year.   

“One of the best predictors of a first-year teacher’s success with students is the extent of their preparation and training,” said Texas Tech University Department of Teacher Education Professor & Chair Dr. Doug Hamman. “By preparing candidates in Burleson ISD for Burleson ISD, we can ensure that on the very first day when they step into the classroom as the teacher of record, they are going to be effective.”

The partnership creates a direct path for students in Burleson and those entering the teaching profession. Hamman went on to say the strength of the program is that it's rooted in the community. 

“This is a game changer for many of our graduates who wish to live and work in Burleson while earning a degree from Texas Tech, graduating ready for immediate employment with us,” said Jimerson.  

Opportunities to earn college credit for all students in BISD make the TechTeach Program appealing as a significant number of students graduate with enough credit hours to enter college at the junior level. Burleson Collegiate High School students can earn an associate’s degree from Hill College while earning their high school diploma, at no cost to the student. At traditional high schools, students can earn up to 30 hours of college credit through dual credit at Hill College or take Advanced Placement courses to earn credit. 

A higher education facility enables Burleson-area students to further their education through Hill College and Texas Tech University. In 2020, BISD partnered with the City of Burleson and Hill College to relocate the higher education facility to the Burleson Collegiate High School facility. Hill College and Texas Tech relocated, providing students the opportunity to attend college and earn a bachelor’s degree in Burleson, Texas.

“The timing of this partnership with Texas Tech is optimal for Burleson ISD as we face a national teacher shortage,” Jimerson said. “We will continue to think of ways to provide our students with the highest quality teachers, and I am really looking forward to keeping our future teachers here with us.” 

The BISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved the partnership at the January 24 board meeting.