Community Flyers

Community Flyer Guidelines

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    Community, Non-Profit, & Non-School Flyer Approval Process

    BISD shares flyers on the district website rather than distributing to students on campus. Approved flyers from non-profit, non-school organizations will be uploaded to the district’s online Community Flyers page, located under the “Our District” tab on the home page of

    To submit a flyer for consideration, complete this form and email the flyer to The Communication Department will notify the designated contact when the flyer has been posted, or provide feedback on why it does not meet the requirement for posting.

    Please note: all flyers must include the following disclaimer: “Burleson ISD does not sponsor, endorse, or recommend any of the organizations, services, or activities described.”

    Exceptions may include enrichment activities for BISD.


    Teacher Break Areas

    Organizations may request to post notices in teacher break areas. Announcements/flyers are no longer permitted in teacher boxes. These approved requests are subject to approval by the campus principal.


    For-Profit Businesses

    Flyers that include business advertisements or endorsements from for-profit businesses may not be distributed; however, flyers may be made available in a designated location at campuses with the principal’s approval.

    Flyers or coupons with free awards for good behavior, good grades, attendance, etc. may be distributed to students at the discretion of the campus principal. Free With Purchase or Buy One, Get One Free flyers are not approved for distribution to students.

    Last revised September 18, 2019