Transportation FAQs

  • What is a home campus?

  • Why does the bus come so early?

  • Does Elementary ride with Middle or High school?

  • Why does it take 5 days to start services?

  • How will I know my bus information?

  • I live at 123 John St. the bus stop is at John and Doe, but we live closer to Jane St. can my child catch the bus at Jane and Doe?

  • We just moved to Burleson. I registered my children for school yesterday. Can you tell me what bus and the stop they will get on?

  • My child goes to Stribling Elem and rides bus 27. We have recently moved to 123 Oak Grove in the Brock Elementary area. What bus will my child ride now and where is the stop?

  • Why does my child have to walk down to a bus stop when you pass right by my house?