Programs, Tools & Resources

  • Burleson ISD has several programs, tools and resources to ensure District safety:

    • Controlled Access
    • Security Cameras
    • Visitor Check-In Software
    • Intelligence Gathering
    • Emergency Operations Plan
    • School Resource Officers (SRO)
    • School Safety Officers (SSO)
    • Safety Drills
    • ID Badges for employees, as well as contracted service providers and visitors while on district property
    • ID Badges for students in grades 6-12
    • Vehicular Intrusion Bollards on all campuses
    • Intruder Resistant Windows/Film on all campuses


    Physical Security

    Controlled Access

    Each school has a secured entrance vestibule to screen visitors before entering the building.

    At the front entrance of every campus, a video-based identification system has been installed which allows front office staff to identify and then give access to visitors requesting to enter. Although this will require extra time for parents entering the front office, the additional precaution provides an extra layer of security for our school buildings.

    Exterior building doors are remotely controlled and monitored. This allows for quicker response times in the event of an emergency where doors need to be accessed or locked. In addition, our District standard is teaching with classroom doors locked and closed.

    Security Cameras

    Burleson ISD conducts frequent audits of all security cameras to ensure proper performance and appropriate image quality, identifying and addressing major concerns. Additional cameras are installed as needed.

    School Resource Officers (SRO) & School Safety Officers (SSO)

    The district partners closely with the Burleson police department. We have armed school resource officers patrolling our campuses. Officers are present daily at our secondary campuses and make frequent visits to our elementary campuses as well.

    These officers provide security, counseling and education.

    The School Safety Officer (SSO) program has been established to provide a safe learning environment for the District's elementary schools. SSO personnel are experienced professional peace officers who are armed and will be the immediate first line of defense against any threat.

    Raptor Visitor Check-In

    Raptor is a visitor tracking system that enhances our school security. The system reads visitor driver’s licenses (or other government-issued photo IDs), compares information to a sex offender database, alerts campus administrators if a match is found, then (assuming no match was made) prints a visitor badge that includes a photo of the visitor.

    • How does it work?

    Driver’s license information is compared to a database that consists of registered sex offenders from 49 states. If a match is found, the operator of the program (school employee) will get an alert of a possible match so that campus administrators and law enforcement personnel can take steps to keep the campus safe.

    • Why is Burleson ISD using this system?

    Safety of students is the district’s highest priority. Raptor will provide a consistent system to track visitors and volunteers while keeping away people who present a danger to students and staff.

    • What information is taken from driver’s licenses?

    Raptor is only scanning the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders. Additional visitor data will not be gathered and no data will be shared with any outside company or organization.

    • Should Burleson ISD scan every visitor into the system?

    Yes. The Raptor system is designed to track visitors. In case of an emergency, visitors can be viewed in a queue if they are still on campus. If necessary in an emergency, this will help identify who is inside the building.

    • Does Burleson ISD have the right to require visitors, even parents, to produce identification before entering the campus?

    Yes. Schools need to know who is on the campuses and why they are there. We also need to be able to confirm that an individual has the authority to have access to the student (early pick up, for example). For full legal details, refer to Senate Bill 9.

    • What if the person refuses to show identification?

    A campus administrator can meet with the individual and explain the process to them.

    • Do registered sexual offenders have a right to enter schools?

    If a sexual offender has a legitimate reason to be on campus (e.g., visiting a legal dependent), and a court order does not prevent them from visiting the child and/or the school; then yes, the law permits them to enter a school. However, such individuals will only be given limited access. Burleson ISD cannot deny access to an individual’s own child. Schools can, however, deny access to other students.


  • Intelligence Gathering


    Prevent crisis situations by reporting suspicious or dangerous situations to appropriate law enforcement and/or District safety personnel while remaining anonymous.        

    If you have an emergency, please call 911!Crime Stoppers It's Safe to Say with 469tips website info and Tarrant County phone number 817 469 8477

    Burleson ISD knows students see and hear things. A vital step in prevention is early identification of potential threats and intelligence gathering. In partnership with Tarrant County Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life, BISD provides students with a platform to submit anonymous tips. Students are encouraged to report information that is criminal, threatening, inappropriate, or potentially harmful on topics that may include:

    • Bullying
    • Dating violence
    • Cyberbullying
    • Family violence/abuse
    • Gang activityblack lettering Crime Stoppers Tarrant County phone number 817 469 8477
    • Sexting
    • Sexual harassment
    • Suicidal thoughts

    Help A Friend Friends for Life logo with Crime Stoppers website address and Tarrant County phone 817 469 8477

    Crime Stoppers and Friends for Life are designed to allow you to anonymously report information about violence, drug or alcohol use, student safety, or other situations that may concern you. 

    You can feel safe in reporting information using the online anonymous form. Please respect the integrity of the system and report information you believe to be true. Reporting false information can result in criminal prosecution.


    Tips may be anonymously submitted through a phone app, at or by calling Crime Stoppers 817-469-8477.

  • Safety Tools and Resources

    Standard Response Protocol (SRP)standard response protocol s r p logo gray red green with black lettering

    In partnership with local first responders, BISD has implemented the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) developed by the I Love You Guys Foundation and adheres to the Foundation's Standard Response Protocol (SRP). The SRP provides a common vocabulary, understanding of what to do, and common expectations of behavior during a crisis. The specific responses in the event of a crisis are as follows:

    • Lockout
    • Lockdown
    • Evacuate
    • Shelter
    • Holdpink heart i love u guys foundation black lettering logo

    Supporting materials for the Protocol have been distributed to all Burleson ISD facilities. Additional SRP information and resources are available at the i love u guys foundation.


    BISD partners with CrisisGo, providing access to emergency plans, evacuation maps, class rosters, checklists and more.image of a mobile phone and the Crisis Go application

    This mobile app provides a digital version of emergency management procedures with the Standard Response Protocol integrated for emergency responses. Utilizing CrisisGo, staff members can send a panic out to notify the appropriate personnel. Administrators may then send out an “alert” immediately notifying local first responders as well as campus and district staff of the incident. Staff members are provided access to the appropriate checklists for the incident as well as class rosters, and more. Group communication during a crisis via message groups may also occur within the app.

    Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan

    Emergency management is an organized, five-phase process designed for continuous improvement in the area of school and community safety. Designed following federal guidelines, the BISD Emergency Management System is based upon the five phases of emergency management which are prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

    Safety and Security Intranet Site

    BISD maintains an active intranet site with staff resources that include: CrisisGo Training, Standard Response Protocol (SRP) materials and training, administrator guides, and drill guidelines. With an intranet site dedicated to safety and security, all district staff are able to access safety protocols and training resources at any time.

    Crisis Communications Plans

    Public-address (PA) systems allow us to make emergency notifications to students and staff at our campuses.

    The district has a robust system in place where key administrators are informed of an emergency situation. Parents and other stakeholders can also be informed within minutes through the use of Blackboard Mass Notifications, the district's website, and social media.

    The goal is to quickly and accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, parents and community members so the safety of children is maintained throughout an event.

    Building Maintenance

    We have staff consistently working to maintain our buildings and grounds. Our team of carpenters, electricians, HVAC mechanics, painters and plumbers work together to make sure our facilities provide a safe, attractive and efficient environment for students, staff and the community.

    Security Audits

    The Texas Education Code (chapter 37.108) requires that districts audit buildings and resources at least once every three years, with the results of the audit reported to the school board at the end of the three-year cycle.