6th Grade Pre-Athletics

  • Purpose

    This course would be designed to prepare students and parents for successful participation in the middle school athletic program. The main focus of the program would be to provide students with a preview of upcoming UIL sports in which they will be eligible to participate as 7th graders and to prepare them for the behavioral and academic expectations associated with being a participating member of the Burleson ISD athletics program. Students will be introduced to the concepts of UIL and Burleson ISD academic requirements and how they impact and affect extracurricular participation. 

  • Desired Outcomes

  • Requirements

  • Components of the Pre-Athletics Program

  • 2022-23 Pre-Athletics Calendar & Organization Overview

  • Daily Pre-Athletics Class Overview

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Pre-Athletics?

  • What is the purpose of Pre-Athletics?

  • Will Pre-Athletics count as a PE credit?

  • What sports are taught throughout the year?

  • What types of workouts can we expect through the year?

  • What does a typical week look like?

  • Will activities occur outside of the school day?

  • What other topics are covered besides sports?

  • How is Pre-Athletics different from PE?

  • How is my grade determined in Pre-Athletics?

  • Am I required to enroll in Pre-Athletics if I want to participate in athletics as a 7th grader?

  • If I enroll in Pre-Athletics am I automatically able to participate in athletics as a 7th grader?

  • Do I need a physical to participate in Pre-Athletics?

  • What equipment or materials are needed to participate in Pre-Athletics?

  • Will I have a locker to store my personal belongings?

  • Are Pre-Athletic students given preferential treatment at athletic team tryouts?

  • What if I enroll in Pre-Athletics, but decide I want out of it and into PE?

  • Who can I contact if I have more questions about Pre-Athletics?

BISD Middle Schools - 6th Grade Pre-Athletics Program

  • WEEK 1

  • WEEKS 2 - 12

  • WEEKS 13 - 23

  • WEEKS 24 - 30

  • WEEKS 31 - 36