Leave & Absences

  • Burleson ISD provides employees with a range of leave of absence options for situations involving personal or medical leave. To request any leave of absence, employees are required to follow district procedures and complete the relevant leave request form.

    If an employee is absent for more than five consecutive workdays due to personal or family illness, they must submit a medical certification from a qualified healthcare provider. In cases of extended personal illness, employees must present a fitness-for-duty certification upon their return to work.

    It's important to note that if an employee is on protective leave, such as Family Medical Leave (FMLA) and/or Temporary Disability Leave (TDL), they should refrain from performing any job-related duties. Communication during this period should be limited to passing on institutional knowledge or providing closure on completed assignments. Teachers are not obligated to prepare lesson plans further in advance than if they were not on leave, and this includes responding to work-related emails and attending work-related events (e.g., field day, staff development, staff meetings, open house events, etc.).  For additional information on Leaves and Absences please review Board Policies DEC Legal, DEC Local, DECA, and DECB.

Types of Leave

  • Leave is advanced in July of every year. Employees who do not work the full assignment for the school year will be prorated based on the actual number of days worked. If the employee has exhausted all leave before physically earned the difference will be docked in the final pay.  This means that if you take more time off than you are entitled to, BISD will deduct the extra days from your last paycheck. 

  • Sick Leave (State)

  • Personal Leave (Local)

  • Compensatory Time Leave

  • Dock Leave

  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Temporary Disability Leave

  • Military Leave

Family Medical Leave Act FAQs

  • How is FMLA leave calculated during scheduled district breaks?

  • Returning to work after FMLA

  • Disability Insurance and Medical Coverage During FMLA

  • What level of involvement or communication may employees on FMLA keep with their campus/department during leave?

  • Family Medical Leave for Maternity

  • Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA

  • Who may take time off for the birth of a child?

  • What if I have to take leave earlier than my due date?

  • Does maternity leave start the day I have the baby or the day I choose to take off?

  • How long can I use FMLA leave for bonding?

  • Can a newly hired employee use FML for the birth of a child?

  • Is there a medical certification or form my provider needs to fill out to confirm my pregnancy?

  • Can the parents take leave to bond with a healthy newborn child on an intermittent or reduced schedule basis?