• Employee Definitions

  • Paycheck Information

  • Monthly Pay Dates & Payroll Cutoff Dates

  • Payroll Deduction Code List

  • W-4 Form

  • W-2 Form

  • Direct Deposit

Payroll FAQs

  • How often do employees get paid?

  • How do you process payroll?

  • How do I access my pay information?

  • What if I make a change to my account after the payroll cut-off date?

  • How do I get paid for extra duty worked?

  • How do I change my tax status?

  • What is the TRS deduction?

  • How does the number of days on my Contract/Service Date affect how I will be paid?

  • What if I am hired after the start of school or middle of the year?

  • How will my final pay be processed?